Tuesday 21 March 2017

Monogramming Ideas

Monogramming Ideas

Monogram are a great way of personalizing your home decor. They can be elaborate or simple. Even if you decor style is modern traditional, bohemian or eclectic, there is always a monogram to match it.
In your bed room monogrammed bed linens are the perfect way to give your room character. In the bathroom monograms can be added in the form of monogrammed towels and bath accessories. Monograms can also be added to you table linen. Monogrammed table linen is a great way of giving your guest a luxury dining experience.
They can be used in your children room or nursery to add a personal touch to your child's room decor. Monogramming is a great way of creating a memento that your child can cherish for a long time. In your living room add monogrammed pillows onto your sofa or place them on a side chair.
When it is come to decorating with monograms, less is more. You can use them in your napkins, a set of dishes, napkin rings, some monogrammed throw pillows or towels. One of two monogrammed pieces will add a simple elegance to any d├ęcor.
To create monograms you will need a sewing and embroiderymachine and some monogram fonts and will a little practice you can create some amazing monograms.

Thursday 2 June 2016

Sewing Embroidery Machines - Make the Right Choice

I would like to welcome you to my sewing and embroidery machines  site. I have been interested in embroidery all my life and in fact, I learned embroidery from my old aunt many moons ago as a child and have continued doing embroidery with any spare time I have ever since.

Due to time constraints, I recently started looking at embroidery sewing machines as a means to speed up the whole process and produce my own designs for sale online in the future. While doing embroidery by hand is great it is slow and difficult to make any money from if you have little time to spend. Because I do my own embroidery designs an embroidery machine can produce exact copies of my designs very quickly so I can concentrate on designing new exciting patterns.

So when I finally decide to purchase an embroidery machine I found that I the prices at my local stores were outside my budget. So I decided to do some research online to find out if I could find good quality machines at better prices that I could actually afford. Well, I was actually surprised that I found such great places online and was now able to afford to get a better quality machine at a lower price.

Some of my friends who are also interested in embroidery were inquiring as to how I got such a great deal. So after doing all this research I decided that there must be a lot of others around the country who could benefit from the knowledge I had gained doing all that research.

I then decided to make this website, so I could share the information I found embroidery sewing machines with my friends and other embroidery lovers. I hope you enjoy it and make some great savings.

Sewing embroidery machines can range in price from about $350.00 to several thousand depending on the options, software included and the size of the embroidery the machine is capable of producing. Some machines will do embroidery only while most will also operate as a regular sewing machine. So it is important to understand exactly what type of machine you need before you make a buying decision.

If you intend to produce your own designs like I do, then you will need a high-end machine with the appropriate software and some knowledge of computer graphics.

This is not as difficult as it may sounds. There are many books on the subject and there are often embroidery classes in your local area.

So check out some of the online sites like this one to read reviews and get the best deals.
Goog luck

Friday 27 May 2016

My Favourite Embroidery Stuff

Embroidery is an art that has been around for centuries and requires a great deal of skill and patients.

However with the advent of the computerised embroidery machine all that has changed and now it’s possible for a beginner with no experience of hand embroidery to produce amazing designs on a variety of fabrics.

My machine is a Brother PE770 and it is a computerised machine with lots of built in designs and fonts and the ability to add more via the USB port. All I have to do is go online and find a design I like, download it to my laptop and transfer it to the Brother PE770. I can also modify the designs using the machines built in LCD display.

Here is a short video of this machine in action.

Here are some designs I am working on with this machine.